We assist businesses in effectively communicating complex ideas by crafting clear, engaging, and easily digestible content for their audience. How?



The company needs to effectively communicate complex information to its audience, but crafting captivating and easily consumable content can be a challenge.

L'azienda servizio di explaining


  • is short on time
  • has a limited attention span
  • is inundated with information
  • scans information visually


Topic analysis

  • Client interviews
  • Information gathering
  • Research

Information architecture

  • Organization
  • Revision
  • Structuring


  • Establishing Look & Feel
  • Layout
  • Illustration
  • Animation


  • Web design
  • Interactive infographics
  • Video explainers
  • ...

Message received

  • Our audience can now quickly scan through key information with ease


This is more of a method than a discipline; it’s the art of communicating complex information and ideas that people actively engage with—not just something to look at, but to navigate, play with, and explore. Engaging in Information Experience Design (IXD) means designing the dynamics of the interaction between the individual and the complex subject. It’s a task that requires rigor but also creativity.
In shaping information, we place the individual at the center. Their habits and experiences guide our choices. This work involves listening, analysis, sensitivity, as well as technical skills and various technological tools.


Our working method is built on collaboration. We design in close partnership with the working team because we aim to align all involved parties.

In IXDoc, we gather the outcomes of the analysis and information architecture phase, which forms the initial step in our process. This document is shared with the group, outlining objectives and content, serving as a guide for the second stage—the formal representation of information. This involves identifying the format/output that best suits your purposes, along with the needs of your audience.


We create digital outcomes for different communication needs with a common goal: create straightforward content, engage the user and keep his interest high.

Infographics are important building blocks of our work, as they enable audiences to understand and retain complex information in a visually scannable format. The use of graphics and imagery, in combination with text, breaks down complex ideas and data, making it easier to digest. Furthermore, infographics engage the audience visually, making the information more memorable and increasing the chances of retention. They can also be shared easily across different platforms, increasing brand awareness and brand identity. As designers and communication experts, infographics play a key role in our work, allowing us to create impactful and memorable digital outcomes for our clients.

Graphic recording is an infographic created live during conventions, conferences, or important meetings. It captures the audience’s attention and participation, creating a shared visual report that aligns participants on processes, phases, and objectives. Additionally, the unique and appealing artboards can be shared on the company’s media.


A video explainer is a short animation (1-2 minutes), which exposes clearly an argument and expresses a strong call to action.
It is a very effective marketing tool in communicating the value of a business. It can be used to explain a service, product or workflow, through a visual narration matched with music and voice over, for a clear and engaging result.


Web animations improve user experience by making a website or app more dynamic and engaging. Animations can guide users through a website or app, highlighting important information and features, and making it easier to navigate. Additionally, web animations are editable via code, allowing for easy integration and performance on websites and apps, which improves the user experience and increases the chances of conversion.

Scrollytelling is a web design format used to tell dynamic, multimedia stories that unfold as readers scroll through a webpage. Scrollytelling dynamically combines a variety of content elements—from video, images, 3D models, charts, and infographics, to text and animated typography. It breathes instant life and movement into any content, and actively involves readers in what they are consuming—creating a sense of control, exploration, and discovery.


It is an infographic with interactive features such as buttons and hotspots to reveal more in-depth information. The users have full control over how they explore the content, allowing them to focus on what’s important without being overloaded with information.


Our creative web design service is focused on creating websites and landing pages that truly engage and convert users. We aim to craft interactive experiences that not only inform, but also captivate the user. We take advantage of the latest web design trends and tools such as scrollytelling, infographics, animation and more to create visually stunning and dynamic sites that stand out from the crowd. Additionally, we use user-centered design principles to ensure that the website navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Our goal is to create a website that not only looks great but also effectively communicates your message and drives conversions.



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We are a team of designers with diverse skills in digital communication, design, and web technology. We are always on the lookout for new tools and visual languages to enhance our work. As a self-managed team of freelancers, we bring our unique skills together to create impactful and creative projects.

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